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"Understanding the Impact of Corona Virus on Social Media Activity among Consumers"


Almeida ANDREA, Research Scholar
VIT Business School, VIT Chennai CJN Sai Enclave, 2nd Cross Road, Satya Sai Layout, Whitefield- Bangalore, Karnataka- India 560037

VenkateshDr. R, Professor – Higher Academic Grade
VIT Business School, VIT Chennai Kelambakkam – Vandalur Rd, Rajan Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu- India 600127


In the early 2000’s when consumers were first exposed to social media sites they were gradually hooked on to it and spent an enormous amount of time being tangled in a number of activities such as creating profiles, increasing their friend base, getting involved in discussions and sharing information and contributing on their friends’ pages. In early 2000’s AOL, Yahoo and MSN were the first few sites with chat rooms.Later as a large number of social media sites were developed, such as Orkut, Myspace,Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube channels, consumers initially unknowingly shared a lot of significant information which helped in developing relevant advertisements. Marketer’s realized the importance of this valuable information and started targeting consumers with appropriate information and advertisements. When the initial excitement was worn down, consumers gradually became more attentiveto the information they shared on social media sites.