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"Trend Analysis of Area under production and Productivity of Maize in India"


Basavaraju H N, Research scholar, Dr. S N Yogish, Professor
Department of Economics, Kuvempu University. 


Maize is one of the most important cereal crop of the world and contributes to food security in most of the developing countries . In India maize is emerging as third most important crop after rice and wheat . Its importance lies in the fact that it is not only used for human food and animal feed but at the same time it is also widely used for corn starch industry. Corn oils production baby corn s etc. This paper analysis the trends o in Area under production and productivity of maize in India. This study was based secondary Sources of Data. Computed Compound Growth Rate of time series data on area, production and productivity for Maize in India. The growth rate for area production and yield was positive in India. State-wise analysis shows that area, production and yield was positive and significant Rajasthan is 1st place occupying 1110.8 thousand hectare area, production is 729.6 mt in 2016-17, highest production in the state is Madhya Pradesh. Karnataka is 6th place occupying 618.0 thousand hectares area, production is 1244.0 mt in the year 2016-17. District wise Area production and productivity shows Bagalkote district occupying first place Area 178.48 hectares production 708 MT followed by Davanagere Haveri, Ballary.