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"The Impact of Technotressors on Users’ Avoiding Behavior towards SoLoMo Services with the Mediating Role of Anxiety"


Muhammad NawasAkram, Muhammad Sajjad, Muhammad Imran Khan, Muhammad AsimYasin, Dr. Rafaqet Ali, Orangzab, Muhammad Irfan Chani, Muhammad Ashraf & Jamil Ahmad
Department of Management Sciences COMSATS University, Islamabad, Vehari Campus Vehari, Pakistan.


Based on theKoeske&Koeske Stress-Strain-Outcome model current study investigates that how SoLoMotechnostressorspositively predict users’ information avoiding behavior with the partial mediating role of users’ anxietyforSoLoMo services.A total of 508 valid responses were assured from the university students of Southern Punjab, Pakistan and incorporated for analysisby using SEM (Structural Equation Modeling) in Smart PLS 3. The finding of current investigation revealed that SoLoMotechnostressors such as information overload, information inaccuracy, social message overload and information surveillance positively influence the users’ information avoiding behavior with SoLoMo Services as partial mediating role of users’ anxiety. Theresults further revealed that Social messages offered through networking services and SoLoMo services can become the major source of users’ interrupting and distracting from daily life tasks, leading to a feeling of stress and anxiety which further direct users’ towards negativebehavioral outcome.