"Tea Garden Workers of Assam: Struggle to Reclaim their Schedule Tribe Identity"


Priyanka Neog
Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.


The tea planation workers of Assam, who were brought to this part of India by the Britishers had undergone and is undergoing untold miseries, misfortunes, tortures, deprivation, and injustices. This community of people are the backbone of the tea industry in Assam producing more than half of the total tea produced in the country and in turn boosting the country’s economy. Unfortunately, this toiling class have been exploited to a great extent, depriving them of availing their basic minimum amenities of life. Because of such negligence they have waged protest demanding their due rights and privileges. The paper will delve into one such demand of the workers i.e. the demand for enlisting them in the Schedule Tribe Category, so that they too can avail the affirmative remedy required for their upliftment and emancipation.