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"Synthesis, Thermal,Dielectric and Non-Linear Optical Studies of SemiOrganic Pottasium Thiourea Chloride Single Crystal"


S.Raju & V.Santhanakrishnan
Department of Physics,Jaya Engineering College,Chennai,Tamilnadu,India.

Department of Chemistry,Jaya Engineering College,Chennai,Tamilnadu,India.


The Semi-organicPottasium Thiourea Chloride (KTC) was grown by slow evaporation method. The structural studiesofKTC single crystal was carried out by using powder X-ray.Thermal Analysis was carried out by Perkin-Elmer thermal analyzer (STA 409 PC) and the DTA trace indicates a strong endothermic peak at 210 °Cdue to the melting of the crystal. Dielectric studies and Complex Impedance analysis made by E4990A impedance analyzer.Kurtz Perry method was employed to find Second harmonic Efficiency of grown KTC single crystals.Good transparency, thermal stability and NLO test suggests Pottasium Thiourea Chloride single crystals can be used for optical applications.