"Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Imidazo (1, 2-a) pyrimidine Derivatives and their Evaluation for Antiepileptic and Analgesic activity"


Sangeeta T. Sankpal & Krishna S. Pathade
Appasaheb Birnale College of Pharmacy, Sangli, India-416416

Akshay R. Yadav
Rajarambapu College of Pharmacy, Kasegaon, India-415404


Affordable and practical synthesis methods in drug development have always been very attractive. Herein, microwave assisted synthesis was utilized to prepare Imidazo[1,2-a] pyrimidine derivatives were obtained by the reaction between 2-aminopyrimidine, aldehyde, and benzyl isocyanide. It gives 82-92 % yields. As well as demonstrating the Anti-MES efficacy of compound 2, its potency against seizures induced by pentylenetetrazole, were also established, with the results suggesting that GABA-mediated mechanisms might be involved in its anticonvulsant activity, such as enhancing of GABAergic neurotransmission or activity, activate GAD or inhibit GABA-T, and GABAA-mediated mechanisms. For the analgesic activities, hotplate method were employed. Derivative-II was found to have the significant activity by hot-plate method.