"Synthesis and Characterisation of Some Complexes of Co(II) Metal with Schiff Base"


Shashi Bhushan Shahi & K. P. Singh
J. P. University, Chapra – 841301, Bihar, India.


In this paper, we present about the synthesis and characterisation of some complexes of Co(II) metal with Schiff base. The complexes of Cobalt(II) cation have been prepared with Schiff base ligand, benzophenonesemicarbazone in the presence of bases having nitrogen and oxygen atoms as their donor sites. The general formulae of the complexes have been found to be [Co(L)2(B)2] where L = ligand and B = bases. On the characterisation of the ligand and the complexes by usual physico-chemical methods, all the complexes have been found to be mono-meric, non-electrolyte, paramagnetic and octahedral in geometry.