"Study of Radiation with Microstrip Patch antenna"


Dr. Reena Kumari
L. N. Mithila University, Darbhanga, Bihar, India.


In this present paper we studied about radiation with microstrip patch antenna.In the early days of mobile communications, the case, being made of metal, was simply treated as a ground plane, because radiation currents flow on it as well as on the antenna element. Conventional antenna design uses image technique to provide the infinite ground plane. This theory is not possible while designing electrically small ground plane antennas. In the case of a whip type antenna, the ground plane can be treated as the other half of the dipole to the antenna. The characteristics of small antennas mounted on the handheld devices are get affected by the antenna position on the terminal chases and the dimensions of the chases due to the existence of radiating surface currents on the terminal ground plane induced by the antenna element.