"Socio Economic Development of the Rural Poor in the Target Area, Especially Women, Through Micro-Credit and By Creating Sustainable Livelihood Opportunities by Odisha Livelihoods Mission Through TRIPTI Project"


Mrs.Jayanti Sutar, PhD Student, Dr.P.Nayak, Guide, Dr.KSS Rakesh, Dissertation Reviewer,  Dr.Bibhu Santosh Behera, Post Doctoral Fellow (D.Litt Researcher)
LIUTEBM University, Lusaka, Zambia.


The Research has been conducted in Odisha by a post-facto and secondary research to know about socio economic development by TRIPTI project by targeting rural poor especially women.The PhD Student try to reflect some research with the support of Research Committee members. The Study is a students project with some implication too highlight the research and findings by TRIPTI Project through Odisha Livelihoods Mission.