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Journal of Shanghai Jiaotong University

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"Screening of the Collection Cultures for Biosynthesis of Copper Nanoparticles"


Dr. JavlonTashpulatov, Professor, Lyudmila Zaynitdinova, Dr. RokhilaJuraeva, Dr. Svetlana Kukanova, Dr. Nikolay Lazutin, Dr. Aziza Mavjudova,
Mr. Rustam Ergashev

Institute of Microbiology Uzbekistan, 100128, Tashkent, A.Kadyristreet, 7B


Screening among different groups of microorganisms isolated from various polluted areas was conducted to assess their synthesizing capacity of the copper nanoparticles. Strains of microscopic fungi from generaPenicillium and Fusarium and bacteria from genusPseudomonas were the most active among all studied cultures. These microbial strains expressed high biosynthesizing activity for copper nanoparticles after 48-72 h of cultivation. The formation of copper nanoparticles was revealed with use of UV-spectroscopy and AFM methods. Selected microbial strains may be used for development of the new biotechnology.