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Journal of Shanghai Jiaotong University

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"Profile Modification, Validation and Manufacturing of Spur Gear to Increase the Gear Tooth Strength"


Dr.Y.Sujatha, B.Srinivas, Professor
 Department of Mechanical Engineering BVC Engineering College (Autonomous), Odlarevu, Andhra Pradesh, India.


The idea of using asymmetric tooth profiles has gained popularity in practice of gearing design. Similarly to the symmetric basic rack gears, tooth action parameters are calculated during the first stage, while the unified generating basic rack for a pair of mating gears during the second stage. In certain cases the parameters of specific basic rack tooth profiles are set for each gear in a transmission. The gearings with asymmetric profiles display an advantage in having the increased pressure angle over the operating profiles (via the pressure angle reduction over the non-operating profiles) and a possibility of considerable increase in the face contact ratio.