"Predictive Maintenance and Condition Based Monitoring of Machine using IIoT Sample"


M. Navaneetha Krishnan (Assistant Professor) & M. Madhumalini (Associate Professor)
P.A College of Engineering and Technology, Pollachi.


This paper presents a IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things) based solution for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance of Industrial Machine set by establishing a communication between Electronic Hardware and Cloud Computing, IIOT used e for online and real time monitoring Generally Motor suffers from abnormal conditions such as over loading, temperature, Current, an IIoT based system is proposed to avoid unnecessary shutdowns. In the implementation of IIOT based system, different sensors such as current sensor, temperature sensors, oil level sensor, oil temperature sensor are used to capture some essential parameters to monitor health condition of Machine. Faults are being simulated using IIOT based hardware. The captured data are transmitted using Node MCU to the cloud and Receiver device was received the data from the cloud, Data stored in database, the characteristics of data are monitored using webpage.