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"Pneumatically Controlled Wheel for Angular Rotation of Vehicle"


B Ramakrishna, Assistant Professor, D Kameshwara Rao
Department of Mechanical Engineering Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Technology, Hyderabad, Telagana, India.


In the modern world, there are many types of vehicles developed in this society, yet many people have a problem with parking and retrieving their vehicles at the parking lot.The concept of parallel parking is introduced in Malls, Hotels etc., but it is hard when there is very less space left for the driver to park the vehicle at an available slot.So we have developed a new way for “Angular rotation of vehicles” as a project for a better vehicle parking. This project hopefully helps in parking and retrieving of vehicles easier than ever before. In this project two pneumatic double acting cylinders, DC Servo motor, a stepney wheel, links to hold the wheel and assist the vertical movement of wheel.When the pneumatic cylinder is activated, it moves the wheel which further makes the rear end of the vehicle lift up. The single wheel touches the ground and becomes ready for rotation about the front axle. This single wheel, keeping the front part of the vehicle fixed, rotates only the rear end thus eliminating the difficulty of moving partially inside the available parking place.