Dr. A P Alavi Bin Mohamed Bin Ahamed (Associate Professor)
Post Graduate and Research Department of Islamic History, Government College, Malappuram.


This article provides that the indebtedness of early modern European scholars and theologians to Al-Ghazzali (d.1111 A.D) and his unique philosophical credentials. He has left a vast volume of original works for a long chain of future men for which he is considered “A testimony and ornament for future Islam.” During his life time, he wrote hundreds of original works by dint of sheer labour and studiousness. Al-Ghazzali’s influence was not limited to the Islamic world, for he also had an impact on Christian European thoughts. In the late 11th century A.D and especially in the 12th century, almost all works of Al-Ghazzali had an ever deeper influence on Jewish and Christian theology. Many Jewish and Christian scholars in the modern Europe knew Arabic well, and several of Al-Ghazzali’s works were widely read by them. Thus the impact of Al-Ghazzali is clearly perceptible in the works and thoughts of numerous philosophers and scholars of the early modern Europe.