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"Pesticide spraying Remote Guided Vehicle using IDE Arduino UNO"


Pravin Dahalke, Datta Wakshe, Swapnil Nawale, TRB Sanjay Kumar & Atul Jade – Assistant Professors
Pillai HOC College of Engineering and Technology, Rasayani, Maharashtra, India.


Pesticide spraying is considered a very important activity in farming and from many years this activity has claimed a lot of lives. Under this project, we have fabricated a Remotely operated Vehicle to perform the task of spraying of pesticides in farms in order to reduce the number of deaths of farmers due to the poisoning effect of pesticides. Currently, there are drones available for spraying pesticides in farms but the cost of the drone is highly expensive and farmers can’t afford the equipment. Its the need of hour to improve the productivity of agriculture land by reducing human laborers and introducing intelligent machines like IOT based RGV using the latest technologies. By using this RGV, the farmer himself can control the pesticide spraying with the help of small handheld devices like mobile phones or laptops through Internet of Things (IOT). The RGV can be controlled manually and automatically with the help of a combination of Arduino and Node MCU ESP8266 (Wi-Fi module) microcontroller. Along with manual control we can adjust the height of the sprayer nozzle.