"Performance Improvement in Photovoltaic Cell for Grid Connecting System Using Power Converters with Transformer less Techniques"


Boopathy Kannan, Bijesh Ramesh, Binu Mathew Brien & Varghse Kolath
Aarupadai Veedu institute of Technology, Chennai, India.


A regulated, constant output voltage from the photovoltaic cell input voltage source is need for many grids connecting system applications. By considering a tradeoff amount cost, efficiency and output noise or disturbed pulse. The stepup chopper with intermediate Proportional Integral control can be a best choice to replace the conventional method of step up chopper to regulate the constant output voltage. In conventional control method of step up chopper with transformer, by applying normal pulses from pulse generator it produces unwanted spikes in the output voltage. A proposed method modifier less converter is implemented to overcome the problem. As it is a transformer less converter it contains leakage electrons. To suppress this leakage electrons Neutral grounding technique is implemented. The same transformer less step up chopper is designed in closed loop by using proportional integral controller to analyze the performance and same results are verified with existing system. The hardware circuit is fabricated based on the above simulation models and results are verified against the theoretical values.