"Patient’s with Age Related Macular Degeneration may improve their vision by low vision devices – A case report"


Goutam Datta (Associate Professor)
Tripura Institute of Paramedical Sciences, Agartala, Tripura, India.


Age related macular degeneration is a common ocular disease in which gradually loss of vision during old age life. A case of 61years old retired Bengali male post graduate teacher was referred from state referral hospital with the provisional diagnosis of age related macular degeneration to the low vision clinic. Since 2 and half years he was losing his vision slowly. Before that, he was wearing traditional spectacles from the age of 39 years with bifocal correction. He had the history of high blood pressure and frequent smoker. On examination her distance visual acuity was 6/36 in BE; near visual acuity was N12 in BE. Patient was improving his vision with mixed power correction for distance and +3.00D addition in both eyes for near. He was prescribed table lamp along with 5X self illuminated magnifier, reading stand, reading slit for book and news paper reading, signature guide for bank and other official signature.