"Microwave dielectric relaxation, Thermodynamic and conformational studies of Hydrogen bonded binary mixtures of ethylene glycol with methyl butyrate and ethyl butyrate"


K. Umamakeshvari, Christopher Arts and Science College (Women), Nanguneri – 627108, Tamilnadu,
(Affiliated to Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, Tirunelveli – 627012, Tamilnadu.

A. Mozes Ezhil Raj, Scott Christian College, Nagercoil.

R. Shabu, St. Alphonsa College of Arts and Science, Karinkal.


The dielectric relaxation studies of ethylene glycol (EG) with alkyl butyrate’s (Methyl butyrate (MB) and Ethyl butyrate (EB)) have been carried out, for various molefractions at different temperatures using LF impedance analyser, Plunger method and Abbe’s refractometer in radio, microwave and optic frequency regions, respectively. Kirkwood effective correlation factor, corrective Kirkwood correlation factor, Bruggeman parameter, relaxation time and thermodynamical parameters are calculated using the experimental data. Conformational analysis of the formation of hydrogen bond in the equimolar binary mixture systems of ethylene glycol with alkyl butyrate’s is supported by experimental and theoretical FTIR values.