"LRS Bianchi Type I Cosmological Model with Late Time Acceleration"


Shashi Narayan Shukla
Govt Lead college Waidhan, Department of mathematics (M.P.), India.
Anjna Singh
Govt Grils PG College Rewa, Professor and head Department of mathematics (M.P.), India.


A new class of spatially homogeneous and anisomorpic LRS binachi type-I cosmological model in f (R, T ) theory gravity. To solve Einstein field equation in f (R, T ) gravity, by taking f (R, T ) = R + 2f (T ) and Hubble param- eter H is a suitable function of cosmic time t which yields model is tranensition phase. The physical and kinematical parameters of the models are discussed. The models are found to be compatible with the result of recent observations.