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Journal of Shanghai Jiaotong University

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"Late time evaluation of the expanding universe in the framework of f(R, T ) gravity"


Bhupendra Kumar Shukla
Pandit S. N. Shukla University, Shahdol (M.P.)
Shashi Narayan Shukla
Govt Lead college Waidhan (M.P.)
Anjana Singh
Govt Grils P G College Rewa (M.P.)


A cosmological model has been analyzed in the framework of FRW model in the modified theory of gravity. In order to solve Einstein field equation in f (R, T ) gravity, by taking f (R, T ) = R + 2f (T ) and Hubble parameter H is a suitable function of cosmic timet which yields model is transition phase. The kinematical and physical parameters of the models are studied.