Dr. Anurag Mehta, Professor
Pacific Academy of Higher Education and Research University, Udaipur (Rajasthan) India.

Udit Varshney, Research Scholar
PAHER University, Udaipur.


Marble is labour intensive industry; lot of activities depends on labour work. The loading and uploading of marble slabs is done manually in small and medium enterprises. Even the full truck load is filled and unfilled by labour. The measuring work, cutting work and polishing work is done by the labour with the help of advanced machines. Skilled workforce is required to execute these tasks efficiently else there will be extra time and wastage that will lead to additional cost. So it is very essential to have the skilled work force in marble enterprises. But it is not easy to get right type of workers in required numbers. There is always a scarcity of skilled and devoted workers. Absenteeism is again a problem among marble labour. They are quite whimsical and come as per their convenience and take holidays as and when they wish. They go to long holidays of week or two that disrupt lot of business activities. In this research work an effort was made to study the problems specially related to the skilled labour availability and the problem of absenteeism in marble industry workers.