"Investigation of Wear Mechanism of Nano-Graphite Particles in Polyamide"


Dr. Aravind K. U, Professor & Head
Department of Mechanical Engineering, East West College of Engineering, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.


The purpose of investigation is to understand the wear mechanism and dispersion of graphite reinforced polyamide composites. The wear test was conducted as per design of experiment using pin-on-disc wear tester. The results were evident to show a decrease in the wear rate by 0.1113 ×10-5 mm3 /N-m for the optimal wear parameter combination of graphite amount of 30%, load of 25N, sliding speed of 0.8m/s and sliding distance of 3000m, which is in parallence with the confirmatory test results showing a wear rate of 0.2053 ×10-5 mm3 /N-m. It was evident from ANOVA that the normal load (85.67%) and reinforcement ratio (13.87%) were the prominent parameters influencing the wear rate while, sliding speed and sliding distances were found to have negligible effect on wear rate.