"Investigation of Tribological Properties of Chemically Modified Custard Apple Seed Oil Bio-lubricant Dispersed with Nano Copper Oxide"


Leelamani Pillai, Bhagwant University, Ajmer-305004 (R.J.)

Gajendra Kumar, Krishna College, Bijnor-246701 (U.P.)


Finiteness of global crude oil reserve, increasing crude oil prices and problems related to environment seems to be a reality check for the issues of emerging generation. Vegetable oil-basedlubricants are an attractive alternate to conventional petrol-based lubricants due to number of its physical properties like renewability, biodegradability, high lubricity and high flashpoint. Direct application of vegetable oil as vehicle lubricants is less favorable due to its poor thermo oxidative stability, cold flow behavior and poor anti-ware characteristic. Present research detailed in this document refers to chemical modification of custard apple seed oil through epoxidation, hydroxylation and trans esterification process to improve its thermo-oxidative stability and cold flow behavior. The CuO nanoparticle of size 30-50nm was dispersed in this chemically modified custard apple seed oil in three different concentration (0.1 wt.%, 0.5 wt.% and 1 wt.%) as an antiwear additive using ultrasonicator. Then the tribological properties was tested with and without CuO nanoparticle using four ball tribometer. It is found that coefficient of friction and wear characteristics was optimum with 0.5 wt.% CuO nanoparticle dispersed in Chemically Modified Custard Apple Seed Oil (CMCASO).