"Innovative Teaching Methods in Management"


Priyanka T. Sawale, Assistant Professor
College of Commerce Management and Computer Science, Nashik.

Dr. Tushar K. Savale, Associate Professor, Prabodhan U. Patil, Dr. HemantWanjare – Assistant Professors
Sandip Institute of Technology & Research Centre, Nashik.


There are many factors which contribute to the growth, advancement & development of a society at large and one such factor which plays a predominant role is education. Apart from imparting Knowledge, skills and rich values education is accountable for developing and building a human capital that catalyses, drives and set up technological innovation & economic growth. Education is a route that can lead people down the right path. Not Only does the object of education make a student literate, it also adds critical thought, knowledgeability, an d self-sufficiency. In education students engagement refer to the level of curiosity, interest, optimism and passion show when they are learning or being taught. Student learning is enhanced as they interact with the lesson being taught. Student who are involved in working tend to persist more to complete work and derive hoy in that project. It is been always observed that use of sophisticated technology and contemporary methods makes the learning process successful quality and productivity of education, providing training for competitive workers. Every session has its own training technology. Since the aim of the teacher and the students is to achieve a positive outcomes and what kind of technology is at their disposal for usages. The goal of the research paper was to summarize the creative teaching methods used in higher education by teachers.