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Journal of Shanghai Jiaotong University

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"Influence of Advertising of Fashion Brands on Consumer Purchase Behavior"


Asmita Yadav, ABESEC, Ghaziabad.


In today scenario, society are very much influenced by the Advertising and media. This is a way to communicate and pass our message to a large group of audience. One of the common way to use it to get the right process for social phenomenon, how to conduct and promote the products and soon. All the industries, corporate world, companies and bank are using the advertising to rank them on top. This is also captured the mind of the customers and consumers also, these advertise are made to target the audience and hoe to convince. Today, this advertising industry is on its booming and indirect or directly affect the country economy also. The scope of advertising industry is pointer of standard of living of the nation. In this paper, we survey, how this industry influenced and captured the fashion market as well as consumer mind.