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Journal of Shanghai Jiaotong University

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"Impact of Power Quality using Renewable Energy Systems"


Ms. Kruthi Jayaram, Assistant Professor
Department of EEE B.N.M.Institute of Technology Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.

Mrs. Champa P N, Assistant Professor
Department of EEE B.N.M.Institute of Technology Bengaluru,Karnataka, India.

Mrs. Raksha S, Assistant Professor
Department of EEE B.N.M.Institute of Technology Bengalurur, Karnataka, India.


The need of today is the transition from the dependence on fossil fuels and nuclear energy to the renewable energy sources as there is increase in demand of electricity day by day. While fossil fuels are the main fuel for thermal power, there is fear that they will get exhausted eventually in this century. Therefore, supplementary systems established on non-conventional and renewable sources are being tried by various countries. These are solar, wind, sea/ocean, tidal, geothermal and biomass energies. Whether renewable or non-renewable energy sources, the quality of the power supply is very important consideration for both power utilities and consumers. To the end users anything that gets affected by voltage, current and frequency of power being supplied is considered. Quality of the voltage can be verified with the power supply system, whereas the currents can only be verified with the loads that is connected. The challenge lies in maintaining the quality of power using renewable energy sources without getting disturbed by the grid integration of conventional energy sources. This paper deals with power quality issues, impact of power quality using renewable energy sources and possible solutions for the improvement of quality power in the transmission of power system.