Mohamed Basheer Elanthi, Ph.D Research Scholar, Dr. M. Dhanabhakyam, Professor
Department of Commerce, Bharathiar University, Coimbatore.


In the fast paced current business climate, with solid worldwide rivalry, the organizations are building up their work force in a way that they can adjust rapidly with high reflexivity being able to deal creatively with surprising changes in the business environment. It is fundamental to be proactive and tranquil in the organisation to acquire agility. Workplace bullying may be the most critical factor that pulls down the workforce to shroud their talents and reduce confidence in the workplace to take their own decisions at times. There were numerous studies have been conducted about workforce agility and workplace bullying, yet has a little studies have done on consolidating workplace bullying and workforce agility. The main goal of this study was to explore the effect of workplace bullying on workforce agility. A sample of 200 employees were collected from 4 different companies operating in technical and professional services industries in Kerala with a workforce strength ranges from 50-200 employees. A structured questionnaire has been used to collect data and constructs were measured using 5 points Likert Scale. The results confirmed that workplace bullying has a significant detrimental effect on workforce agility using regression analysis.