"Evaluation of Education system in Assam: A review from colonial to post independent period"


Maloy Gogoi (Assistant Professor)
CJS Dibrugarh University


Assam is one of the northeastern states of India, which has itsunique cultural values in Indian sub-continent. Both the moderneducation and English language has played vital role in modernizingAssamese people and enriching their culture. In terms of education,Assam has developed into a top educational destination at the stateas well as at the national level. To enhance the status of Assameducation, the state government has introduced many innovativeeducations and English language polices. It’s capital city; Guwahatiis a key destination for higher education for students of the wholeof north-eastern region. This chapter offers an understanding ofAssam Education system tracing the evolution pattern from colonialperiod to present time. The chapter would also indicate the impactof Assam Education system on English language teaching policies,provisions and its status in Assam during post-independence era.