Dr. P. K. Senthil Kumar (Associate Professor)
Tamil Nadu Physical Education and Sports University, Chennai -600 127


Badminton is a team sport that contains varied activities and various technical skills that a player must perform during the game. Badminton player required to perform combinations of speed, agility and jumping abilities to achieve the best performance. SAQ training is known as one of the most effective training methods to improve performance in team sports. Materials and Methods: To achieve the purpose of the study, twenty (N=20) junior badminton players were randomly selected and their age ranged between 11 and 15 years.The subjects chosen for the study were divided into two equal groups and designated as one experimental groups and one control group each consisted of ten junior badminton players. The experimental group underwent SAQ training and control group were not having any special training programme. The SAQ training was applied for only 12 weeks training for 3 days per week one session 45- 90 minutes programme. The data were collected from explosive power was tested by using Vertical Jump and agility was tested by using `T-Test prior and after the application of experimental training. Results: The results revealed that SAQ training produce significant improvement on explosive power and agility among junior badminton players. The differences were found to be significant at 0.05 level. Thus, it was proved that SAQ training is the best training intervention for junior badminton players to enhance overall playing ability. Conclusion: Based on the result of the study it is concluded that the 12 weeks SAQ training have been significantly improved explosive power and agility among junior badminton players. From the finding it is suggested that Speed, Agility and Quickness (SAQ) methods of training is suitable mode to bring out desirable change over explosive power and agility among junior badminton players.