Dr.P.Vamsi Krishna
Business Management Consultant, Guntur

T.Sreenivas, Professor & Dean,
Dept of Commerce & Business Mgmt, Yogi Vemana University, Kadapa.


The implementation of a sustainable mode of development has become the major aim of public policies in industrial countries and the evolution of economic agents behaviour(Producers and consumers) is considered as the engine of this ‘new economy’.Enterprises are thus induced to develop socially responsible behavior , that is to say, to “integrate social and environmental concerns in their business operations and in their interactions with their stakeholders on a voluntary basis”.For firms, the development of green innovations stresses the necessity to develop responsible behavior .In IndianTobacco Company limited, the notion of sustainability operates at the economic, social and environmental level, and is driven by a concern for development and growth that is underpinned by a sense of social responsibility.ITC Ltd (India Tobacco Company limited), a major player in the tobacco products market in India and also diversified products(Hotels,Papers,Confectionaries etc. is implementing Eco friendly practices such as, carbon positive, water positive and solid waste recycling positive for its businesses for a long time.This paper reveals ITC’s Eco-knowledge management model by taking into consideration the triple bottom line compon