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Shashank Tyagi (Assistant Professor) & Shivangi Rana
Law College Dehradun, Uttaranchal University, Dehradun.


Contracts are very commonly used and accepted in our daily lives nowadays. Right from buying household items from a store to withdrawing money from an ATM, everything is governed through a contract. Computer & Internet being the greatest inventions of mankind is nowadays used in almost everything, such as, e-commerce, social networking, dispute resolution, emails, etc. Almost all the transactions and other forms of trade are conducted electronically saving time. For examples- online railway ticket bookings, online auctions, etc. Out of the need for speed, convenience and efficiency, electronic contracts which are in electronic form. 1 Justice Fazal Ali headed a survey which was conducted regarding this issue and strongly recommended for a separate law regulating based on electronic devices. He refused to modify the present law so as to include electronic devices into the preview of present law of contract. It was also noted that contracts and other commercial activities shall mostly be based on e-devices. It helps to run smoothly the corporate transactions. In India, our Legislation then decided to form new laws in this field that are like, Electronic Commerce Act 1998, The Indian Contract Act, 1872, Consumer Protection Act, 1986, Information Technology Act, 2000 &Indian Copyright Act, 1957 etc. The authority of the transactions of e-contracts is established under the Information Technology Act, 2000 regulate the transactions and solve issues arising out of such contracts.