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Journal of Shanghai Jiaotong University

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"Discerning Diaspora through Gendered Lenses: An Overview"


Sparsita Panda Seth, Lincoln University College, Malaysia.

Dr. Moumita Kar (Associate Professor), Haldia Institute of Management.


The paper sets out to explore the rich repertoire of diasporic criticism and also chart the ways in which gender, that has emerged as a primary constituent in discerning diaspora, situates itself within the mainstream discourse to modify its borders and underscore the heterogeneity of the diasporic experience; the need to privilege individual and specific contexts over generalized portrayals of ‘being’. The paper interrogates the validity of homogenized perceptions and resists the attempts to present meta narratives to capture the diasporic consciousness. The artistic imprint of the diasporic world of existence as represented in diasporic literature finds preliminary mention at the concluding segments of the paper.