"Development and Validation of Teaching Chemistry by using Mathematics Lab Package"


Vineetha N R & Dr. Geetah C (Associate Professor)
Kuvempu University, Shankarghatta, Shivamogga, Karnataka.


his study examined the impact of Teaching Chemistry by using Mathematics lab components. This experiment was conducted on Secondary School Students. This package consists of 22 interdisciplinary Concepts of Chemistry and Mathematics. Twenty-Six lesson plans arebased on Constructivism Theory. Researcher used the lesson Plans are based on Constructive Theory by using 5E model. In this package researcher used Laboratory, Demonstration, Observation and other conventional methods to teach Chemistry by using Mathematics Lab. Pilot study was done in a renowned High School in Shivamogga, Karnataka was done for about three months. During the pilot study researcher by introspection and also by the student’s feedback modified the Lesson Plans accordingly. Package is validated by the Subject experts, Educationists and teachers. Materials used for teaching learning process include Mathematical Lab components, Charts, audios, Videos and Flash cards. Reliability of the package was established.