Izhak Devid Paul (Assistant Professor), S.S.G.B.COE Bhusawal, India.

Dr. Adwait Manoharrao Vaidya (Principal), Gangamai College of Engineering, Nagaon, India.


Drying of food item is important because excess of water lead to loss of food item. To maintain the proper amount of water with good amount of nutrients drying is used. Dryer is used in many industries but that dryer works on fossil fuels. Solar dryer saves the energy and the results obtain are good. Therefore, to design a dryer is a tedious thing, because the purpose of drying is different for different product and based on that the technique of design is different. There is no standard method for designing the dryer. By reviewing number of researches papers a design procedure is evaluated which is shown in this paper. The aim is to give the step by step procedure to design the solar dryer. This procedure can be used by any researcher which will help them to design any type of dryer.