"Design of Prototype Automatic Curry Making Machine"


Kandula Ankamma (Professor), Keesari Sudhakar Reddy (Professor) & A. Madhu Babu
Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Technology, Hyderabad, Telangana, INDIA.


‘Automatic Curry making machine’ the term implies, cooking of food robotically without human intervention. The apparatus will partake pre-loaded instructions and therefore the quantity of materials are successful to be laid out in a database, to select the recipe you would like to consume and therefore the instrument will start to systematize your foodstuff and inform you when the diet is ready. The Automatic Curry Making Machine is a preprogrammed for various curries with quantities. This Machine uses the android app where the user can select the curry name from the menu and send that information to the controller of the curry making machine. The ingredients are filled into the respective bowls before the cooking starts. The machine will then prepare the curry as per the Program fed in the controller. This instrument is more often employed in our day to day life and even in businesses for manufacture of certain nutrients foodstuffs.