"Design of H-Shaped Microstrip Hybrid Patch Antenna for C-Band Applications"


Balaji Vignesh L.K. (Assistant Professor), AAA College of Engineering and Technology, Sivakasi.

Dr. K. Kavitha (Associate Professor), MepcoSchlenk Engineering College (Autonomous), Sivakasi.


In this paper, a compact size microstrip hybrid Patch Antenna is designed and analyzed. The bandwidth enhancement of microstrip patch [MSP] is done by rectangular slotted technique. The designed antenna may be used to reduce return loss and increase the bandwidth. The gain has been improved up to 8.72897 dBi, directivity 11.4703 dBi. The proposed rectangular slotted MSP antenna is used for C-band operations. Study of literature of past few year shows that, the leading work on MSP is focused on designing compact sized broadband microstrip antenna. But inherently MSP have narrow bandwidth so to enhance bandwidth various techniques are engaged. The proposed antenna is simulated using ADS 2009 simulation software based on Momentum and EMDS. The antenna is fed by 50Ω microstrip line feed.