"Design and Performance Analysis of MEMS Micro-Heater for Uniform Temperature Platform for Efficient Gas Sensor Application"


Palakkumar Bhatt & Dr. Kirit Bhalsod
Gujarat Technological University, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

Dr. Navneed Ghedia (Principal)
Sanjaybhai Rajguru College Of Engineering, Rajkot, Gujarat, India.

Dr. Dipesh Kamdar (Assistant Professor)
VVP Engineering College, Rajkot, Gujarat, India.


For MEMS based gas sensor, Poly-Si based spiral geometry of micro-heater is proposed. Micro-heater is placed on platform of SiO2 having 2 µm height and 120 µm x 120 µm surface area. Micro-heater temperature characteristic is analysed for two cases: 1. Varying applied voltage for constant dimensions of micro-heater geometry. 2. Varying dimensions (height and width) of micro-heater for constant applied voltage. Also variation in resistance of micro-heater due to temperature change and transient temperature response are analysed. Power consumption for Poly-Si based geometries are compared. In presented micro-heater, temperature variations occur from 323.0° K to 645.47° K for changing applied voltage from 0 V to 3.0 V for constant dimensions of micro-heater. Also in other case, for constant applied voltage of 3.0V, there is a change in temperature from 645.47° K to 701.69° K due to height variations of micro-heater from 2 µm to 3 µm. It is also found that, better temperature uniformity can be achieved in micro-heater geometry by proper variation in width of micro-heater. These results are observed with finite element modelling of COMSOL Multiphysics 4.3. These results are helpful to find out value of applied voltage and height of micro-heater geometry for desired temperature requirement in gas sensing application. Also these results lead to transient temperature analysis of Poly-Si micro-heater and solution of temperature uniformity problem.