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M. Jeeva & Dr. T. Manickavasagan (Associate Professor), Annamalai University.


Society has an important role in the development of the nation. People as the members of the society are very important in keeping the society as a bundle of hope and prosperity. In this juncture it is very important to develop the effectiveness of the society in meeting the various challenges in life. As Students, Teachers and the Schools are playing a vital role in the development of the society, they need a keen attention. As adolescents, Students studying in the Higher Secondary Classes have important responsibilities in the construction of the society. They have to face the odds and stand steady to take on the everyday problems. In this regard the Social Efficacy of these students is regarded as a needful characteristic. Hence it has been decided to measure the Social Efficacy of the students, so that they can be guided in a better way to reach the societal and individual goals in education This process has been initiated for the construction and validation of Social Efficacy Scale, as there is no appropriate tool for this purpose . After this process the Scale will be used to gauge the Social Efficacy of the target student groups for further investigation and arriving at the results.