"Comparative Analysis of Decision-making Process Model with Current Software Development Models"


V. Rajiv Jetson (Associate Professor)
Kallam Haranadhareddy Institute of Technology.

G. Satyanarayana Prasad (Professor and Dean)
R.V.R & J.C. College of Engineering.


For more than half a century, software has been part of modern society. With the increasing complexity of software development, the need to automate the various activities of existing software models has increased. The concept of lifecycle development software was developed, which emphasised the need to follow a structured approach to software development. To determine the success of a project, a group’s software development model for software design is important. A comparative study of different existing models with the Decision Process Model (DPM), a compositionally driven software process model, is presented in this paper, in which each phase implements a 3C model, a problemsolving model. A comparative study with the Decision Process Model of common software development models shows that the DPM has important features for producing a software product that can be extended by existing components. This will help to select the best model for a particular situation.