"Change Detection of Land Use and Land Cover for Andhra Pradesh Capital Region Development Authority (AP-CRDA)Using Q-GIS"


Chandra Sekar Ganja (Assistant Professor)
Rajiv Gandhi University of Knowledge Technologies, India.


In remote sensing applications, a change is considered to be an alteration in the surface components. The concept of Change detection is applied in vital areas likeUrban change, land scape and vegetation etc.Process of identifying the differences in state of an object by observing it at different intervals,it isalso useful in various other dimensions such as land-use changes, habitat fragmentation and rate of deforestation, coastal change etc.. AP CRDA is one of the capitals of Andhra Pradesh. It is witnessing rapid expansion which is a result of urbanization. AP CRDA is one of the fastest developing cities in Andhra Pradesh due to the construction of the capital city of Andhra Pradesh. Therefore, it is primarily important to analyse the nature and magnitude of these changes to complete our study i.e change detection. To analyse that, we collected remote sensed data from Landsat which were utilized for land use and land cover change detection in AP CRDA. The unsupervised classification of a change detection algorithm was used to detect the change in the study area using QGIS.