"Business Intelligence Role in Improving Healthcare System: A Conceptual Model"


Prathviraj Singh Rathore & Dr. Balkrishna Sharma (Associate Professor)
Mandsaur University, Mandsaur, India.


In the current time of genuine business conditions as a result of growing complicated nature and globalization, administrators and specialists/doctors have started to improve organizations for customers especially in clinical administrations and health organizations. Health organizations are important because this is the only point of care for so many people, offer admission to a particular problem, and many more. The present healthcare services schemes are moving from volume-based business into esteem-based business, which requires an exhaust from specialists and assistants to be more profitable and effective. This will improve medical services work on, changing the individual way of life, and driving them into a longer life. Administrators and specialists are confronting a developing interest for both clinical and supervisory data to agree to legitimate and client explicit prerequisites. The Computer-based Business Intelligence (BI) tool is very helpful and convenient in the decision-making process and definitely improves the healthcare organization. In this paper, two conceptual models for Doctors and Patients have been designed for the improvement of the healthcare system.