"Building a measure of catastrophic thinking among addicts"


Dr. Nadia Jawdet Hassen (Assistant Professor)
University of Kufa – Faculty of Jurisprudence.


The aim of the research was to build a measure of catastrophic thinking among addicts and measure catastrophic thinking among addicts from the point of view of specialists. The current research was limited to a sample of specialists in psychology and psychiatry at the University of Kufa in Najaf for the academic year 2017-2018, and the researcher built a scale for addicts consisting of ( 30) paragraphs and three alternatives were developed to answer the paragraphs of the scale, and statistical analysis were carried out to extract the psychometric properties of the scale as their types were extracted from the validity of the scale, which are (apparent honesty and truthfulness by the method of the two extreme groups and the method of the correlational relationship between the score of the paragraph and the total degree of the scale, and the researcher also extracted the reliability In several ways, namely (the filter segmentation method and the retest method), then the researcher applied the scale to a sample of (15) specialists for the purpose of verifying the research objectives in separating the results, and several statistical methods were used to process the data, namely (the Ttest, the Pearson correlation coefficient and the Seberman-Brown equation). The most important results of the research were the construction of a scale of catastrophic thinking among addicts, and the sample has a high level of catastrophic thinking.