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Journal of Shanghai Jiaotong University

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"Automatic Generation of Repeated Patient Information for Clinical Notes"


Prathiksha P Pai, MTech, Scholar
Department of Computer Science and Engineering, N.M.A.M Institute of Technology, NITTE, Karnataka, India.

Dr. Sarika Hegde, Associate Professor
N.M.A.M Institute of Technology, NITTE,v Karnataka, India.


Clinical notes consist of set of patient’s information like surgical information, lab test reports, medical reports, demographics and reason for current visit etc. Generating clear and accurate clinical notes manually will be a time-consuming task for physician. To this end, the system can automatically generate a new clinical note, when the sentences from the past clinical notes are stored in the excel file are given as the input. The newly generated clinical notes will be timely, accurate, readable and clear for the future references. We process past clinical notes of the patient using the concept of Natural Language Processing and Naïve Bayes Algorithm to generate the new clinical note. At the end, system will show the accuracy of the algorithm based on the diseases score count present in the past clinical notes of the patient. This process will help physician to retrieve any patient’s information easily and give the proper treatment to the patient based on the past clinical data.