"Automatic DustCleaning Robot to Increase the efficiency of Solar Panels"


Zabiullah Haidary & Sarbjeet kaur
Chandigarh University, Department of Electrical Engineering,Punjab, India.


Solar energy is one of the cleanest form of energy which is available in abundance at Earth surface, as the earth resources (fossil fuel, natural gas) are going to deplete one day due to continuous intervention of humans. So it’s the best time to use the alternative resources for the power generation as the demand is continuously increasing due the change in lifestyle of human and due to the modernization of power system network. Solar energy is the sustainable power source that will satisfy the future energy needs .To exploit the maximum output and increase the efficiency of solar panels, surface of PV panels always should be clean and free from dust particles,residue particle and birds poaching which can be an obstacle for high efficiency .This paper present a cleaning robot that detect the obstructions and cleans the dust on the photovoltaic surface and the purpose is accomplished by a hardware model and circuit simulation is done using Proteus Softwarewhich are validated with the help of MATLAB 2020.