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"Assamese Language and its Impact on New Media: A discussion based on Globalization."


Dr. Mousumi Dutta
Gauhati University.


As against of traditional media to establish mass communication, the media is limitless and bases on new technologies though which we can easily share our thoughts, emotions as well as date and news etc. is referred to as new Media.The concept of new media is new and very important and also impactable in the contemporary period. If we talk about new media we can include Electronic Magazines, Facebook, You tube, Wikipedia, various applications etc. in it.In the coming of new media, there is something new in every aspects of our nation regardless of men, women and youth, all are now a days are using new media to connect with massage and all there people of our nation are using and new form of Language in new media. In new media, there is a vital place of every re-known Language of the world. Therefore, our Aassamese Language has also an important place in the new media. Google Assamese Keyboard is a very good example in this regard. We can fine or from joint latter by using Google Assamese Keyboard to write or make any data new media.The new form of Assamese Language in new media is the core subject to discuss about here. The new form of Assamese Language in new media is sometimes situational. Somehow, we make a mixture of Assamese and English to express or write something in new media, which can be said a new form of the Language.It is notice able that in new media people are using English word or phrase to write or express their views, but we fine that the particular word or phrase is being written in their own regular Language. Thus, it is the new form. In Assamese also we are using English word or phrases but writing them in our own Assamese Language by Assamese Letters.In the near future, there is a sure possibility of using the new form of Assamese Language to Communicate with massage in new media. But the new form of Assamese Language should not be acceptable because if we mix it up with other languages, we will forget to use our original form of AssameseLanguage.