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S. Phani Kumar, Assistant Professor, Kotharu Sri Sai Keerthi, Balusu Mani Koushika & Vaddi Naga Pratap
Sasi Institute of Technology & Engineering.


Light Fidelity (Li-Fi) is one in every of the longer term technologies in wireless communication sector. Li-Fi refers to 5G visible radiation Communication (VLC) systems mistreatment light-emitting diodes as a medium to high-speed communication during a similar manner as Wireless-Fidelity (Wi-Fi). lately once web has become a serious attraction, individuals area unit in would like of Wi-Fi hotspots. Li-Fi or New lifetime of digital communication may be a higher various to Wi-Fi in wireless communication. This paper proposes a survey on Li-Fi technology. Li-Fi has a lot of capability in terms of information measure in visible region, so it doesn’t poke its nose in different communication that uses frequency vary while not taking its frequency bands. Li-Fi has thousand-fold larger speed than Wi-Fi and provides security because the visible radiation is unable to penetrate through the walls, that proposes a brand new era of wireless communication. The thought of Li-Fi is digital communication on quick unsteady of sunshine that isn’t detected by human eye however it’s targeted on picture detector that converts the on-off state into binary digital information. LiFi is a label for wireless-communication systems mistreatment light-weight as a carrier rather than ancient radio frequencies, as in Wi-Fi .Li-fi shouldn’t be confused with the a lot of general term visible light-weight communications (VLC), that is the use of the visible radiation portion of the electromagnetic spectrum to transmit data.