"Application of BIM Technology in the Construction of a Comprehensive Pipe Gallery"


Pang Jianyong, Happiness Elinas Lyimo
School of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Anhui University of Science and Technology, Huainan, Anhui 232001,China.


The increase in urbanization rate in China has prompted the Chinese government to emphasize on the construction of comprehensive pipe gallery for utility placing. A comprehensive pipe gallery has many economic, social, and environmental benefits compared to the traditional way of laying utilities. Despite the many advantages, the construction of a comprehensive pipe gallery involves many factors which if not properly managed they can easily lead to rework, cost overruns, schedule delays, and loss. To solve the problems in the construction of the comprehensive pipe gallery, the application of BIM technology has become inevitable. Through BIM features such as visualization, clash detection, and simulation, this paper explains their application in the construction of a comprehensive pipe gallery using a case study in China. The results show that, the application of BIM in the construction phase improves design information, improves communication and coordination between the respective departments, saves time and cost, improves transparency, enables smooth negotiations for increased quantity and guarantees the construction quality. Furthermore, a BIM model creates a good foundation for improvement in maintenance level of the comprehensive pipe gallery.