"Ant-Based Clustering In Literature Review On To Optimize Join Queries in Distributed Database Using Ant Colony Algorithm with Evolutionary Approach"


Manish Singhal & Dr. Pushpneel Verma
Bhagwant University, Ajmer (Rajasthan)


Query optimization in scattered databases plainly required in many aspects of the optimization process, this is not only increases the cost of optimization, but also changes the trade-offs involved in the optimization process radically. It describes the unnaturally growth of query optimization methods from uniprocessor relational database systems to analogous database systems. With the progression of Computer Networks and increase in size of databases, the conveyance of databases has led to the maturity of Distributed Database over multiple machines where distribution of the database is Transparent to the users. However, when ACO is implement in Distributed Database queries, the Initial Information required by ACO to produce an optimal result set is not systematic and organized which leads to slower convergence speed in the beginning of the processing to generate an optimal solution.