G. Sailaja (Associate Professor) & Mohammed Jafar Sadiq Omair
Muffakham Jah College of Engineering & Technology, Hyderabad, Telangana, India.


The aim of the project work is to calculate the stresses in Knuckle joint using analytical and numerical method. In order to do the stress analysis; mesh was developed for the knuckle joint. Based on the ANSYS analysis it shows that a pin of 24mm diameter can withstand a load of 25 KN if we use a factor of safety. Knuckle joint is a joint between two parts allowing movement in one plane only. if there is a stress concentration at certain locations. The FEA Analysis of Knuckle joint is done and various shear and tensile stresses results are plotted. The Analytical solution of knuckle joint is found out using standard calculations. Now, these results are validated by theoretical calculations available for knuckle joint. The force applied knuckle joint is 25 KN .The diameter of pin is proposed to be around 24 mm. The stress results by theoretical calculations and FEA software are validated. This proves that the FEA software results are correct. Secondly it also shows that certain high stresses are generated near knuckle joints. The material of the knuckle joint here is considered to be three materials, stainless steel, structural steel and Teflon in order to do the stress analysis. In the present work ANSYSR1 has been used for analysis of knuckle joint with modified material and applied loads. Nowadays growth in competition and innovation it is needed to modify the existing products or replace old and out dated products by newly innovated and advanced material products. The aim of the project is to study and calculate the stresses in Knuckle joint using finite element method for different material and out of that one material which satisfies the objective of project is selected as a optimized material. The knuckle joint is analyzed for structural steel, stainless steel, Teflon.