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"“Analyse the impact of organised retail malls on grocery Stores with special reference to selected FMCG Products in Nashik Cities”"


Dr. Tushar K. Savale, Associate Professor, Dr. HemantWanjare, Prabodhan U. Patil – Assistant Professors
Sandip Institute of Technology & Research Centre, Nashik.

Priyanka T. Sawale, Assistant Professor
College of Commerce Management and Computer Science, Nashik.


The Indian retail sector is one the most complex and dynamic sector, it is an amalgamation of the traditional mom and pop stores and modern retail, modern retail although is still in its nascent stage is growing at the very fast pace and transforming the retail landscape of India. The retail sector has evolved as one of the largest players among all the industries. The growth in the organized retail during the recent years is evident by the fact that various shopping malls are sprung up all over the country which is the evidence of its growth. This rise of organized retail has posed many challenges to the unorganized retail as they are constrained by the lack of technology, limited storage place, low investments and many more .These stores have to adopt strategies that would make their business relevant to the current scenario. They have already started taking measures like for making the store air conditioned, hiring right employee for the job, active advertising and promotion of the business, etc. By implementing this course of action the unorganized retail can sustain and survive in the competitive market. The purpose of this research paper is to seek impact of organized retail malls on grocery stores and approximate the various challenges faced by grocery stores, with the advent organized retailers and suggests various effective strategies to grocery store owners to overcome the competition offered from the organized retailers in Nashik city